Cherishing the Moment | Each day is an adventure!

Let's get outside! It's to pretty to be in the house today...

Get outside and explore with your child... Let them show you their world!

this is where I find my P E A C E

When life is closing in and my brain it taking my body in 10 million different directions, I grab my camera and just take a walk in the back field. Some how the tension is lifted, my mind clears and a calmness takes over. I see golden light reflecting in a puddle that looks like a tiny mossy world inhabited by strange creatures from another planet. I see the way the light makes a fluffy weed glow like it's on fire. I hear the wind cutting through the wheat grass as the dance back and forth. I hear birds speaking in a language that I don't understand. Just this hour walking alone will trigger my reset button, this is where I find my P E A C E. 

No phone... No talking... No interacting... No stress... Just me and nature in all it's glory...

They say when you would do something all day, everyday... and never get paid for it. That is your true passion.   

Find your passion...........

Bohemian Child

We had been cooped up in the house for 3 days with rain storms so as soon as we could we put on our rain boots and headed outside to see what we could see and just what messes we could make. I am realizing that she has and is, growing up to fast for my liking so I want to capture every detail of her I can.  This is (3) her silliness is in overload most of the time. Her inquisitiveness is awesome, everything is why??? Her spirit is beautiful. Her ability to imagine a whole world from a tiny yellow flower just amazes me. I really need to practice making more videos ;)