Christmas Portraits - Polka Dot DIY Dress - Active Child Photography - Houston Photographer

If you would like to schedule one of these lifestyle photography, no posing, play dates with us please contact Image Studios Group LLC and book your session! Remember they're only little once and before you know it you will be buying a real prom dress, and next it's a wedding dress. So, cherish every moment you have with them now!

Merry Christmas from all of us at ©ISGLLC and for a wonderful New Year.

Peace, Love & Photography

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We are in the midst of GREAT CHANGE here at ©Image Studios Group LLC - Wedding - Nature - Travel - Photographer

The Coolest Spots to Adventure with Your Couples in 2017 - We are in the midst of GREAT CHANGE here at ©Image Studios Group LLC - Wedding - Nature - Travel - Photography

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Soapbox Savvy - Can I just go back to a regular job now??? Nope, here’s what no one will tell you. Confessions of a Houston Wedding Photographer.

Can I just go back to a regular job now???  Nope, here’s what no one will tell you... Confessions of a Houston Wedding Photographer.

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Simple Ways to Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem

A positive sense of self is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Children with high self-esteem feel loved and competent and develop into happy, productive people. To help build your child's positive self-image as he grows, consider these dos and don'ts. These pictures were captured by Image Studios Group LLC of her daughter making her own cookies. She got a huge sense of accomplishment and was so proud that she did it almost by herself. Remember to #charisheverymoment

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She found a little friend ~ organic child photography ~ Houston Texas

While watering her plants, three frogs began to croak behind a flower pot. They were happy for the water since we've had no rain for a few weeks in coastal Texas. Being a momtographer & professional photographer for Image Studios Group LLC ©ISGLLC is a daily gift.

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Active Child Photography - Houston Based Photographer

Image Studios Group LLC is known for their award winning Active Child Photography.  We're a Texas Based Photography Studio and Organic Boutique.

No batteries, No noise, No Problem ;) Just how this mom likes it!


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Instagram Business Profiles | IG Gets Serious, But What Does This Mean For Photographers?

With so many companies using Instagram, and many people on the platform interacting with them, there was a desire from our business community to do more. So we listened. And, after hundreds of interviews with businesses, three key needs became clear—stand out, get insights and find new customers. Here at Image Studios group LLC we are always looking for new Brides for our Wedding Photography division of ISGLLC.

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Sink Bath

She hasn't been feeling all to hot and we've had nothing but R A I N for days in Texas... We've made Blanket Tents, Homemade bubbles in the kitchen, and baked cookies... Stir crazy is starting to set in so we decided to change it up and have a good Ol'fashion - S I N K B A TH

As a child photographer you know I couldn't resist breaking out the camera to capture this precious moment.

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Come take a walk in the wildflowers

Limited Edition Lifestyle Sessions ~ Come visit our quaint wooded field and let me capture the organic beauty of your child exploring nature.

Our LOVE for Beauty

For over 35 years I have sought the beauty in objects of everyday living. The way the light hits a tiny leaf on a tree. The prism of color showing through on a flagstone rock, from a reflection of my garden chime swaying in the breeze.

I've always tried to create my own oasis. Since we've had our daughter, I have a new zeal for life & my creativity has gone through the roof. I spend everyday looking through her eyes. I allow her to take me on a journey of the magic world that she see's. 

To see more CLICK HERE we hope you enjoy them and will purchase some of our work.

These images are a reflection of what we share together. Something so simple as a Lavender Rose she saw at our local Home Depot. That she said was "So' lovely" Before I could stop her she had plucked it from the plant (she is 3 btw) we quickly moved sections... hehehe

She has been watercolor painting since she was about 2 and I have saved all of her paintings. I have wanted to incorporate them somehow with my own photography and images. This seemed like the perfect solution...

I have used her watercolor paintings as a texture/color layer on top of the flowers we choose together to photograph. She helps me set up, and place the items in front of the camera. When she goes down for her nap, I take the images and create the finished product you see below...

I hope you enjoy the images and will purchase some of our work...

Peace, Love & Photography

I challenge you...

Self Worth... Sounds easy enough and yet sometimes it's not so easy to believe. I've always said, "the bad stuff is easier to believe" I think that's an Erin Brockovich term but it stuck with me.

I see beautiful women every week that don't realize their own beauty much less their own self worth. As women we tend to scrutinize ourselves much harder than others could or would ever think of. We see everything that we DON'T like instead of everything we SHOULD like. Habits are formed unconsciously. So, unconsciously we put our selves down and point out our faults everyday. Creating self doubt, low self esteem, and lack of self worth. Those are just the minor leagues in the "I love me" games we play everyday.

I am challenging you...

For 1 month... That's it, 30 days... Every morning look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself OUT LOUD good things about yourself. After just a few days it starts to become a habit... After a habit is formed it become routine... A routine becomes your new way of life...

I promise you, you will see yourself different after 30 days and others will take notice of your transformation.
This was me at 28 I had 3 beautiful babies and my self esteem was at an all time low after a nasty but necessary divorce. I was challenged by another woman from the crisis center to do this very same thing. Every morning for one month. It was as if a switch was flipped on...

This was me at 28 I had 3 beautiful babies and my self esteem was at an all time low after a nasty but necessary divorce. I was challenged by another woman from the crisis center to do this very same thing. Every morning for one month. It was as if a switch was flipped on...

Peace, Love & Photography


A swing set for Christmas

So I'm doing my normal 4:30AM routine.. Coffee/Emails/Facebook scroll, to see what I missed from the previous day as the phone goes up when hubby gets home and I crash around 9:30PM Anyways... What should pop up on my phone??? as I pored the 2nd cup of Joe a wooden swing-set!!!

My eyes widened... my heart raced... my coffee spilt [insert burning pajama leg face here] as I ran to the computer to comment SOLD or MINE or I WANT or PLEASE CAN I HAVE IT, WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A YEAR FOR ONE!!!

It was fate I was the 1st to comment and to seal the deal even more I PM'd her and sent a friend request :D I'm tenacious like that ;) She quickly replied and we agreed on price and BAM I had bought an in awesome shape wooden swing set for our Boogie. Hubby, Cousin & Step-son went and dismantled it, hauled it home and by the next day she was playing on it. Yes, we wanted Santa to bring one but she hasn't quite grasped the whole Santa Christmas concept yet so we told her it was to big to fit it on the slay with all the other children's presents too, so he dropped it off early. Today we have been outside most of the day, tried each swing out about 17000 times and slid down the slide 2 million and 9 times... even ate lunch (PB&J) in her pretend dinner.... She wants curtains and a table with a chair so she can serve her foods to people.

Oh how fun a 3 year old is.....

Peace, Love & Photography

A flower for Christmas

Our daughter loves flowers... can't imagine where she gets it from, as we have been taking nature walks since she was born 🌷

We were in our local hardware store and she spotted a box with a beautiful pink Amaryllis plant kit "Apple Blossom" she said "oh, Mommy isn't that just beautiful? Can we make it?" So, we checked out and she told the cashier "we're going to make a pretty pink flower when we get home" ;) I figured I would let y'all experience the joy with her, watcher her flower bloom... Each week I will post the progress of our "Apple Blossom Amaryllis"

Peace, Love & Photography