Tee Pee F.U.N - Active Child Photography - Houston Texas

At the beginning June we had a family camping trip planned for Garner State Park where we've been taking our children yearly since I can't remember when... Well, as luck would have it this would have been our youngest first time to go and the hill country had torrential rain the week before our trip. Flash flood warnings and mud slides to be expected and the river 14 feet above normal.  Which means our camp site was under about... Umm 7 feet of water!  Not exactly ideal conditions for camping. 

She was so excited to go and so disappointed when we had to cancel, that her & I decided to set up camp in the back yard for the day. As a momtographer and prop designer for Image Studios Group & PicAdilly Props you know I have plenty of stuff around the house to create an instant girly campsite.

We had a picnic lunch and read books. It was nice to just lay there listening to the locust's and birds until it was time for a nap.  

BTW, It was hot!  But, she got to camp even if it was just for a little while.