What to expect from your session with ©ISGllc

What to expect during your session

I am available for photography sessions in your home, on location or in our two studios.  Your portrait session will last about an hour to allow for an optional clothing change or snack break for children.  There is no rush and I fully encourage you to have fun and be yourself while I capture your family.  Your remaining balance is due in full the day of your photo session.


I love to photograph expecting mothers. I think that it is an amazingly beautiful time that is meant to be cherished. We can take the photos in studio or we can go outdoors. About a month before your due date is the best time for a maternity session. That way, your belly is nice and full, without you being uncomfortable.

When choosing an outfit for your maternity photos, look for clothes that will accentuate your belly. While you might find baby doll dresses or loose clothing to be more comfortable and flattering, when you look back, you will appreciate your curvy belly in all of its glory!


Newborns are best photographed within the 4-10 days of being born. I know it’s hard to get out of the house and I can always come to you for a Lifestyle Session… I take my time during these sessions so you can meet the needs of your little one!   There is always time to stop and feed or change a diaper.

Newborns look beautiful in their birthday suits. They are so pure and lovely that a simple onesie is all you need. However, if you’d like to do more, cute knit caps, headbands for girls and little baby tutus are always adorable and we can provide custom orders from our boutique PicAdilly Props.


I like to photograph children doing what they do best… being kids. Some ideas for your in home Lifestyle Session may be playing with toys, jumping on the bed, going for a walk, Location Sessions could be done at the beach or playing in the playground.  In the studio I like to have a little chat and make kids comfortable.  It’s not necessary to have them be really posed, I like to get them comfortable in a chair and get natural expressions and looks.  Kids are at their best when they are rested and well fed, so just after a nap can be a good time for photos.  Snacks and drinks are essential for keeping little ones motivated and content.  I encourage you to allow your children to be themselves and I will capture the moments that make you love them.  Having your children enjoy being photographed makes the session more enjoyable for everyone.

Kids look great in bright colors, stripes and polka dots. Cute hats, shoes, and small props from their rooms are great and help them feel more comfortable in a new place. A little color or allot is always welcome. If color isn't your preference, a flower or cute hat can be just that splash of color that makes a photo really pop. I would avoid large logos and writing on clothing. If you’re not sure what to wear, you can always start with simple jeans and a shirt, and we can add from there.

For young ones, the best time for photos is when they first start sitting by themselves. At this point, babies usual smile more and react to their environment. That is usually the time when babies start to get those chubby little cheeks, and who doesn’t love that?

Family Portraits

Family portraits are often the best when we don’t try and make everyone look perfect.  I look for moments that fun and are genuine.  Everyone sitting together, laying around laughing or having a tickle fight… Mother and child staring at each other and making each other laugh… I typically get a variety of pictures with everyone looking at the camera but I will mostly focus on capturing candid moments of your family.

What to wear for your photo session

I am definitely a blue jeans and white t-shirts kinda girl, but I encourage my clients to wear a variety of clothing with color and accessories.  I do provide ideas for clothing inspiration if you’ll fill out the comment section adding your Pinterest we will make a shared Mood Board.  I always tell my clients to start with yourself and find a color in your closet that you love and build your outfit around it.  Textured fabrics like woolly sweaters and jackets think layers work well and are my favorite, but with Texas heat that’s not always possible.  So if your session is in the summer think light weight fabrics with texture such as islet and ruching.   Avoid logos or clothing with distracting patterns.  Just have fun with it!

Your portrait session photos take up to 2 weeks to edit and process. You will receive a private link to your password protected gallery where you can see all the images and create your custom order. The images & items you purchase will be delivered to your home with our Boutique Packaging Style for you to enjoy for years to come.

Peace, Love & Photography