Custom Fascinators & Gowns by ISG Fashion exclusivly for "The White Glove Boutique"

Custom Design for The White Glove Boutique.

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This exquisite silk & tulle dress is an original design by "ISG Fashion" for {The White Glove Boutique} and the ISG Model Division of ©Image Studios Group LLC  Book your Fashion | Glamour | Model session today to have the chance to wear it or a design custom made just for you. |

This exquisite silk & tulle dress is an original design by "ISG Fashion" for {The White Glove Boutique} and the ISG Model Division of ©Image Studios Group LLC

Book your Fashion | Glamour | Model session today to have the chance to wear it or a design custom made just for you. |

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Here it goes..........

My Story.... Ekkkk!

It probably never crossed your mind why our company name went from "Image Studios" to Image Studios Group LLC... Well Ever since I was in grade school all I ever wanted to do was be a Fashion Designer and/or Fashion Model. I would spend hours lying on my floor drawing magnificent gowns and the shoes to match. At the age of 15 I convinced my parents to take me to a casting call for a modeling agency in Houston. After sitting in the room with several other girls "most of whom were older than I was" for what felt like an eternity, my name was called. I was scared sh*tless to say the least! I had no training, no experience,  no guidance from the inside of the fashion industry.  I remember my father saying, "go get'Em" show them who you are!  As I stood there in the doorway, I drew in a deep breath and marched my almost 6' tall stick of a body in and introduced myself. A soft spoken gentleman asked me a few questions, which are all a blur now and then said, my dear, how old are you? I replied 15, and do your parents know that you are here? Yes, Sir... my dad is in the waiting room.  Okay can you just walk down the cat walk for me please? So, I did and mid runway he yelled STOP! Thinking I had done something wrong, I immediately stopped IN MY TRACKS!!!  The, "what used to be soft spoken man" then jetted out of the room leaving me standing there. I was horrified!  Almost in tears, and feeling sick to my stomach. Just as I was about to start walking back down the runway to leave, he walked back in the room with another gentleman and 3 other ladies and said, okay my dear can you start over please? I was terrified and holding my breath, I'm surprised I didn't pass smooth out.  I began walking toward the peering group of strangers and they all said nothing, it was dead silent until one of the woman said can you pivot for me please? I'm 15 with no clue as to what a pivot is!!! So I asked, what's a pivot? All I remember feeling stupid because I didn't know their secret-code language. Some of them laughed, some of them gasped, and the nice soft spoken man said, just walk down there dear, and turn around and come back... I did what as he instructed, and signed my contract 30 minutes later. 

From that day forward I knew what I wanted… I am 47 now and was a Freelance model from that day until I was 28. By then I had 3 children and a soon to be ex abusive husband. I had been a stay at home mom/model/designer/artist since I was 20. Life had not been an easy one, but it was my children who came first and I chose to show them a different way to live, and hopeful a peaceful life.  I started Real-estate school at night while they slept, I worked 1 full time job at my attorney’s office to pay them back for the astronomical fee’s still building and I worked 2 part time jobs. All so that I could be home when my kids were home. No daycare, and after dinner we all sat around the dining table and played stuff the envelopes for extra money.  I fed the kids the good food and I ate cereal or PB&J after they went to bed. I bought my own 1st car, used but new to me. I bought a tiny fixer upper barn house on an acre and began fixing. We were strapped for money but happy and comfortable in our new life. I look back now almost 20 years later and realize I did a damn good job raising my children. I am very proud of all of them and myself for being the type of mother I felt was important. They have old school manners, and are all productive members of society. Smart, articulate, creative and friendly. They are all 3 hard workers and loyal to a fault. They are now 27, 25 & 21… I put my dream on hold to help them find their way and hope that their dream can be lived out now rather than later.

As for me, well here’s where it gets interesting… We, my husband of 4 years and I have a 3 yr old daughter. Not planned! Lol She is a true blessing if there ever was one. She is my Muse, my inspiration every day and definitely keeps me on my toes.  You will see here images splattered throughout my site you can’t miss her. She’s my mini-me, attitude and all!  She is with me almost 24/7 and I like it that way. I like being a mommy. But, I also like being a creative individual who is not afraid to fail but relishes the challenge of jumping in feet first! This is why, with the help of my sweet husband we are expanding the once photography studio into a Photography Studio, Fashion Design, Model Manager, Exclusive Boutique, & Wedding Venue. All of these wonderful thing will develop over time. They will be birthed when they are ready. Grown from ideas of dreaming 15year old wannabe fashion designer/model laying on her floor knowing that one day she would do something extraordinary. Sign up and let’s create the extraordinary together. Who knows what ideas will emerge in the future and that is the ultimate thrill, dive in with me! 

Peace, Love & Photography


Owner; Image Studios Group LLC

A Collective Design Boutique & Organic Photography Studio