Macro and Nature Photography - By ©ISGLLC

For as long as I can remember I knew I was not like everyone else.  When I would tell a story I would go into to so much detail that I would loose the interest of the person listening.  When I would try and describe what I saw, it was as if I was describing a foreign planet.

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Raindrops and Rings - Houston Wedding Photography - ISG Weddings

Raindrops & Rings,  Wedding Photographer

It's rain here on the coast of Texas... A G A I N..... So, I thought I would try and embrace it instead of fight it. Here's what I came up with and I think I've just found a whole new way to photograph two of my favorite things.

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Come take a walk in the wildflowers

Limited Edition Lifestyle Sessions ~ Come visit our quaint wooded field and let me capture the organic beauty of your child exploring nature.

I find peace and balance in nature

When life is closing in and my brain it taking my body in 10 million different directions, I grab my camera and just take a walk in the back field. Some how the tension is lifted, my mind clears and a calmness takes over. I see golden light reflecting in a puddle that looks like a tiny mossy world inhabited by strange creatures from another planet. I see the way the light makes a fluffy weed glow like it's on fire. I hear the wind cutting through the wheat grass as the dance back and forth. I hear birds speaking in a language that I don't understand. Just this hour walking alone will trigger my reset button, this is where I find my P E A C E.  

No phone... No talking... No interacting... No stress... Just me and nature in all it's glory...

A flower for Christmas

Our daughter loves flowers... can't imagine where she gets it from, as we have been taking nature walks since she was born 🌷

We were in our local hardware store and she spotted a box with a beautiful pink Amaryllis plant kit "Apple Blossom" she said "oh, Mommy isn't that just beautiful? Can we make it?" So, we checked out and she told the cashier "we're going to make a pretty pink flower when we get home" ;) I figured I would let y'all experience the joy with her, watcher her flower bloom... Each week I will post the progress of our "Apple Blossom Amaryllis"

Peace, Love & Photography

The Beauty of the Hill Country

A walk within my parents backyard...

This place has always brought me peace, it has the ability to center me. The soothing sound of running water from the Guadalupe River. The peeps & chirps of Cardinals & Finch. Watching squirrel gather the last of their winter harvest. The smell of ceder trees, wild lavender & wood... It's definitely my happy place!