Peace, Love & Humanity

I look out into the world and all I see is hatred and evil.  I am afraid not for myself but for my children, and their children.

How do I/We show them the light and beauty of this world, when the darkness has begun it's decent upon us all.

We are all flesh & bone, we are all the same race (human) we should be all in this together.

You cannot change what or how someone else believes, acts, speaks, thinks... You can only change how you react to it.

We as the human race need to reevaluate our own reactions to those foreign beliefs, who are imposing it upon us. Taking away our freedom, our justice, our god given right to just LIVE and let LIVE.

It’s time to love one another despite our differences, and stand together against those who want our way of life eradicated.  It’s time to set the world back on it’s axis…

It’s time to react… for the common good, for our children, for the human race!


Peace, Love & Humanity