Never give up on your dream

Being a work from home business owner is not an easy task. Having a 4 yr old at home while you are trying to work is even harder. I would be lying if I said I can do it all. I am very lucky I have a husband that helps around the house. We juggle 2 houses, 2 jobs, and 2 (I mean to) many daily chores. Don't get me wrong we are blessed, and I am not complaining. On a daily basis I have to remind myself "what's important" right now that is raising our daughter, the right way/our way. Making time is hard with deadlines, bills & the constant influx of income. I work normal 12-16 hours a day. I do try and keep up with the daily chores of a wife, mother & business owner. I am not patting my own back... What I am saying that if you work hard and stay focused on your goals, they can and will materialize into reality.  My Dream is to create pieces of art from my Macro Photography and sell to the public. 

Some will take longer to be achieved but never give up on your dream.