Name Your Own Price Boutique Sessions

I want to earn your trust, that's what this is all about...

I believe every one should have images that are a unique showcase of their personality hanging on their walls.   It’s the reason I am a portrait photographer and have two studios. Each and everyone of my clients deserves a unique experience. We believe this is what sets ISG apart from other professional photographers or studios. Uniqueness "what an awesome word" It’s how I try to live my own life, it influences everything about me as a woman, wife, photographer & mother. Notice our images have that connection, that special something, that unexplained expression of being real life & beauty combined. Guess what, I can help you get that "connection" and even better, I can capture a lasting image of it too!

When you come to our studio you are putting your trust in me. I understand that, and I appreciate it as well...  My staff & I offer a safe and fun environment that allows you to express your unique selves. Either as a family unit, or as an individual portrait session. You will be pampered and photographed without any judgements. I am a directive photographer and I will help you pose and move in such a way that when you see your images for the 1st time, it is an experience like no other... I have seen it be life changing over and over again. PS: I will cry right along with you ;)

I hear from prospective customers over and over that they want to book a session, they need to book a session – but then something always stops them. Well now, I'm removing one large excuse.

The Money! The Mula! The Smakeroo's!

So here it is, we are going to debut our brand new Portrait Boutique Studio with only 10 sessions that I will call “Name your price sessions.”

Yep...I know, I know.... name your price?!?!? Whaaaat?

No, I haven't lost my mind, I've just shifted my way of thinking, after all... I am kinda the Boss.

I'd love to say this was all my idea but the truth of the matter is, I saw a creative live series of another Photographer and was totally inspired by her willingness to leave most of it in her client’s hands. Now that's guts & trust... Both of which, I'm not in shortage of most of the time!!!

So, here it is.... The BIG announcement that I've waited to share with all of you.

Email me what you are wanting in a portrait session and what you want to pay for that session. It’s that simple.  No reasonable offer will be refused.  If I can’t photograph you for what you offer, I will come back with a package that will hopefully work for both of us.  But, because I have bills to pay & mouths to feed. I do need to have a minimum session cost of $250. All offers should be $250 or above.  As a reference, my basic portrait session starts at $500 and includes a your session, 6 digital images fully edited, printed, matted images, ready to frame and displayed with our boutique reveal session for you . (You can also book a standard packages as well, I won't stop you ;)

There are a few guidelines (I don't like the word rules) to take into consideration:

1. I am starting by offering only 10 sessions from now until Oct. 31st. If it works out well, I will open more up in the fall – but, I may not... so don’t hesitate.

2. I HIGHLY recommend you have your hair & makeup done by my staff, they are seriously awesome! It’s a small added expense that lends itself to HUGE results, just look at some of the images on our site.

3. A portrait session consists of any combination of people or pets up to four.

4. What is a reasonable offer, you might ask???  Well, in my mind, it's one in which you are happy to pay it and I am happy to receive it. ;) Please keep in mind, I need to at least cover my expenses at the minimum and since I do pay bills & the tax man $250 barley does that.  But, I will gain more exposure from your referrals and there's nothing more rewarding to me than seeing a customers happy in one of my images hanging on your wall with pride. Win <> Win

5. We offer products such as albums and matted prints as well as digital packages. We have two types of sales experiences 1) in-person reveal session 2) on-line A La cart sales.  We accept MasterCard/Visa/PayPal and Cash.

6. I promise you a seriously awesome experience no matter what you pay.  That is a guarantee from me, Cheryl

Our email is – 832.910.5435

Always wanted to have a Boutique Portrait Session?    Now is the time!!!  <~Click here

Peace, Love, & Photography

Cheryl ;)