Lifestyle Photography - Farmers Market Fun

Over the weekend we had the chance to go to a local farmers markets in our area. It was actually pretty interesting, and the produce available was delicious. Small time farmers are a dying breed; since, at the moment, they are the only way to get food that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, we really need to support them by purchasing from them. We can help lower prices by increasing the demand!

The market had so many more products, than we expected. We found homemade organic granola, organic herb plants, fruits, vegetables and even smoked sausage meat from their own market. The local Honey was a nice surprise, and BONUS they has pumpkins! There’s no question that many of the organic products were more expensive than in a grocery store. However, by spreading the word about the health benefits of organic foods versus the health risks from store bought produce, we can get more people buying from local farmers. This will increase the demand, and lower the prices.

What, exactly, can you find at a farmers market? Obviously this will vary, depending on your location, but in general, farmers markets can carry any of the following products:

  • All natural, soy candles
  • Naturally grown herbs
  • Organic plants
  • Organic fruits & vegetables
  • Meats, eggs and milk produced without pesticides & antibiotics
  • Homemade jams, jellies, butter, honey and other all natural products

If you have a hard time getting your children to eat fruits and vegetables, you may want to try organic varieties! I was so surprised at how different the organic foods taste!!! We ate fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables all weekend. Super tasty and it was fun for her to get to pick it out!

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