Cut your editing time by 70% with ISG Prints One Click Presets for Lightroom

Have you ever wanted to cut your editing time by literally 70% or more??? Well I sure did spending hours and hours in front of the computer away from your family is no fun and not healthy. I have been working diligently to simplify my workflow while keeping with my same style & quality of images, as well as creating some new looks for ©ISGLLC.

Here is a quick example from a few presets I used today.

[Dramatic B/W | Dramatic Light B/W | Vintage Crisp | Light Film Sharp]

This whole set from today is now complete 80ish images! YES I said eighty, now do I need 80... No!  But; being that I'm a ‪#‎momtographer‬ / ‪#‎picturehorder‬ I like to see all aspects of her quirkiness.  I'm hopefully going to launch these LR One Click Presets very soon and if you comment with your email, and sign up to receive our feed.  I will let you know 1st and add a little bonus in it for you.

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