Our LOVE for Beauty

For over 35 years I have sought the beauty in objects of everyday living. The way the light hits a tiny leaf on a tree. The prism of color showing through on a flagstone rock, from a reflection of my garden chime swaying in the breeze.

I've always tried to create my own oasis. Since we've had our daughter, I have a new zeal for life & my creativity has gone through the roof. I spend everyday looking through her eyes. I allow her to take me on a journey of the magic world that she see's. 

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These images are a reflection of what we share together. Something so simple as a Lavender Rose she saw at our local Home Depot. That she said was "So' lovely" Before I could stop her she had plucked it from the plant (she is 3 btw) we quickly moved sections... hehehe

She has been watercolor painting since she was about 2 and I have saved all of her paintings. I have wanted to incorporate them somehow with my own photography and images. This seemed like the perfect solution...

I have used her watercolor paintings as a texture/color layer on top of the flowers we choose together to photograph. She helps me set up, and place the items in front of the camera. When she goes down for her nap, I take the images and create the finished product you see below...

I hope you enjoy the images and will purchase some of our work...

Peace, Love & Photography

Together maybe we can make a small difference

Asking for help.... Reading an article is one thing, but actually seeing these children suffer is more than I can handle.
While dressing our daughter for preschool today I could not stop thinking about an article I saw early this morning, showing children sleeping in the woods and desolation. It was a documentary by Rav Vadgama.  I balled my eyes out! Not just about the children who are refuges but ALL children who live in poor conditions around the world, the US alone has it's fair share in need of help.

Here I was choosing which pair of matching shoes to dress our daughter in... I knew I couldn't just DO NOTHING! I have no idea where to begin to look for a legitimate organization... If you will help me find an one that is helping supply clothing I will donate my studio and time to take your child's pictures for this Holiday Season to help in aiding these poor children. All I ask is for clothing and blankets and shoes etc. from you as payment for the session fee. Contact us here for more details about scheduling your session in our Cottage Chic Studio located in Santa Fe TX.

My husband & I will ship your items to the organization we feel will make the biggest impact. Please get involved and share this blog, make comments and links below with legitimate organizations that are helping and sending much needed aid. Together maybe we can make a small difference and help at least a few children not be cold this winter. It's worth a try..

Please click the link at the bottom to see his heart wrenching images of helpless children who need to feel hope for a better future and basic necessities, we all take for granted.

Peace, Love & Photography

Cheryl Whitney'Huebner