In this Mason Jar.....

The biggest compliment I have EVER received since I became a professional photographer.

Our conversation started about 3 months ago when I ran a special for our Glamour Boudoir division of ©ISG. This lovely lady called to inquire about the special she had been told about by her friend who was already booking a session. She knew she wanted to give her future husband an album on their wedding day but didn't know how to go about doing this. We chatted a bit and she became more and more excited to follow through and book her session. She explained that she is very shy and timid and wasn't sure if she could express what she wanted on camera. I assured her that she would feel very comfortable within a few minutes of arriving so we scheduled a pre-meeting just to seal the bond. It's so important that you feel at ease and comfortable with your photographer. Trust is a big issue, after all you are asking them to get half nude in front of you and to top it off you'll be photographing them in some pretty precarious poses. 

Over the next couple months we joined forces and created a Mood Board showcasing all the images she liked and one's I thought would work well for her.  They shopped and sent me text of outfits while shopping and I would reply with Oooo yes or Naaa I like the other color better. The day of the session we set up in a glorious Hotel as I chose a different venue than my studio. Getting to know your client helps and just from our conversations I knew she loved the antique and ever-so grand hotel but had never stayed there.

My assistant and I set up the room for HAMU & the drinks & h'ordeuvres, got some music playing and I received the call from the front desk. My beauties have arrived and were in the lobby with their arms full of goodies to wear. Show time................

Here is where the Mason Jar full of money comes in and at the time I didn't pause & didn't blink and eye when she handed it to me. I knew there was a reason but didn't want to focus on it in front of everyone. So, I just said thank you and set it on the table.  Skip 5 hours... The day was a long one and both best friends had a blast. They both ROCKED their sessions and both are very sore (because no one warns you it's a workout to pose) and very happy for the experience.

The next day I pulled the jar out of my purse and remembered her story. This is two and a half months of waiting tables I hope you can do something with it. Just make me beautiful! I then realized what she had sacrificed to pay for her session, I realized that she thought my work was so special that she saved for almost 3 months to pay for her session. She valued me and my time and my willingness to go the extra mile always.

That jar of money, was the best complement I have ever been given........ period!

I just wanted to share this story with others that might be in a slump, or wondering if they're good enough, or just ready to quit and move on to another job. Photography is a competitive job, it's hard work, physically and mentally.  Anyone that tells you different isn't working hard enough. Clients will pay for what they value.... Work hard and value yourself enough to always deliver 110% Those customers will talk and word of mouth is the best advertisement money can't buy.

Peace, Love & Photography